Freshwater Fish varieties

Caring For Our Gilled Friends

Caring for our gilled friends

Water is essential for life and pure water is absolutely necessary to lead a healthy life. Water is the source of minerals and the importance of clean water is depicted in info graphic for better understanding. (Info graphic courtesy Aqua Fast) Fresh water is needed for many a living organism and all the more so […]


Freshwater Fish Farming: What It Means?


Freshwater fish farming is the basic form of aquaculture. The other types of fish farming are categorized under the mariculture. The freshwater fish farming involves the process of raising fish in the containers, tanks and swimming pools. The artificial breeding done in the freshwater fish farming is referred as the fish hatchery. Salmon, tilapia, catfish […]


Know More About The Varieties of Freshwater Fish

Fresh Water Fish

Many numbers of freshwater fish varieties are there to get. So, it may be little confusing for people to choose the best among all the others. Hence, here we have given a list of the top varieties of freshwater fish. Longfin Serpae Tetra: The scientific name of the species is Hyphessobrycon Sherpa. It is easy […]


Tips To Follow When Buying The Quality Freshwater Fish

Quality Freshwater Fish

There are amazing varieties of freshwater fish and plants. Umpteen numbers of freshwater farming were developed to meet the increased demand the freshwater farming fish. Hence, people have to pay more attention of the quality of the fish before buying it. Most of the shops are selling the seawater fish as the freshwater farming fish. […]


A List of Freshwater Fish Recipes That You Can Prepare


Consuming the freshwater food is good for health. So, I always get the can foods that are made from freshwater fish. But, later I have realized that the quality of the preserved foods is not worth to pay. Hence, I have decided to make the recipes by my own. But, I strived a lot to […]


Ideas To Start The Freshwater Shrimp Business


In these days, the demand for freshwater fish has become increased drastically. People are more likely to consume the foods that are made from freshwater fish. Even, the oil extracted from the freshwater fish has various benefits when compared to the one obtained from the sea water. Hence, one can earn a lot with the […]